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As Sound Avenue is an advanced vocal ensemble, membership is via audition and requires commitment to learning repertoire and attending rehearsals.  

The good news is, the audition process is very easy and the first stage doesn't require much preparation at all!

So, if you are a confident singer with performance experience as either a soloist or ensemble singer and are able to commit to our rehearsal and performance expectations, then we'd love to hear from you!

We are auditioning for sopranos, altos, tenors, basses and beatboxers (can be purely beatboxing or a singer who also beatboxes).

Please note that Sound Avenue is an inclusive collective and we don't care whether the voice you sing with matches the way that you present.

Auditions are a two stage process :

  1. Complete the form here and submit a video of yourself singing or beatboxing a cappella (without musical accompaniment). We'd like something between 1 and 2 minutes and we recommend that you choose a song that showcases your range and or tone. Just a simple selfie video on your phone is fine - no need for any major fuss or any major production. 
  2. If we feel that your voice suits our current blend for a particular voice part, we will be in touch within a few days to arrange an audition where will we ask you to learn a short section of one or two of our songs so that we can sing along with you, and also present a song of your own choosing. 
The timing of any physical audition will be arranged to suit you, most likely on a Tuesday night.

NB: Before completing an audition application, please read the Sound Avenue Membership Expectations
  • Joining a group like Sound Avenue requires time and commitment. We expect that our members are able to attend 90% of rehearsals and performances and that they will commit time to learning and practicing parts outside of rehearsal time. 
  • Basic vocal lines and lyrics should be learned before rehearsal and not during rehearsal.  Sheet music and learning tracks are available for use at home. We DO NOT TEACH content at rehearsals - we focus on blend, storytelling, dynamics and performance.
  • Membership of Sound Avenue is not free. Full fees are $200 per term (typically 10 or 11 weeks). Uni students and/or members under 25 $150. Fees cover the director, repertoire, insurances, marketing, tech, venue hire, biscuits, sometimes wine and a lot more!
  • Sound Avenue is open to anyone over 16. We don't have a strict upper age limit although the repertoire does mean we need to stay fairly young and fresh. Reach out and have a chat if you're not sure if it's for you!

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