About Sound Avenue

Welcome to SOUND AVENUE!

Established in Brisbane in 2016 as Inversion Vocal Group, we are a mixed voice vocal ensemble that is 100% not a choir, despite often looking and sounding just like one!  We prefer to identify as a contemporary vocal ensemble singing a mix of jazz, pop and gospel both with and without musical accompaniment. 

In 2022, Inversion Vocal Group became Sound Avenue, to celebrate new management, new venue, new music and new singers!

We perform a range of events throughtout the year as well as producing our own shows at least once a year.

We rehearse on Tuesday nights from 6.45pm to 9.00pm and are centrally located at Stafford.

Inversion is a not-for-profit group as part of Soul Song Choirs, however, rehearsal fees do apply to cover the overheads of running the group. Discounts are available for singers under the age of 25 and full-time students.

Music reading is preferred but not essential if you have a great ear for harmony! A pleasing solo voice and a strong commitment to the musical standards and rehearsal/performance schedule of the group is required.

Check out our audition info or keep an eye on our upcoming events for details!
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